In good times and bad, United Way does all it can do to improve the lives of those in our communities — including your and your family's lives. In this remarkable time, we are asking you and families across the state to help us help our state recover, one family at a time. 


I simply ask for 10 minutes of your time to complete an online survey to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted you and your family. United Ways want to learn as much as possible from New York citizens as we all work towards recovery. You can access the survey by clicking here.


We are asking for as many families as possible to complete this survey. The deadline to complete the survey is October 27th.


Thank you so much for your consideration. If you have any questions about the survey or have barriers to accessing the survey, please contact Kari Buch at or (585) 394-6550.


Please feel free to pass it on. The more New York families we hear from, the better we will be able to assist in the recovery process. #LIVEUNITED


Access a printable copy English or Spanish and mail to:


800 Troy Schenectady Road

Latham, NY 1211


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  • @UnitedWayOntarioCounty seeks to understand the impacts of #COVID-19 on your family – please use this link to complete a 10-minute survey: @UnitedWayNYS
  • Completing this survey will help @UnitedWayOntarioCounty identify how the #COVID-19 pandemic event has impacted #NewYork families & our local communities.  @UnitedWayNYS
  • Please share with us how the #COVID-19 pandemic event has impacted you and your family. @UnitedWayNYS

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